DG Rental

DG Rental

We offer Diesel Generators of lower to higher wattage engine capacity on a rental basis. Our range of diesel generators from 8 to 30 kW can cater to all the needs at home, stores whereas offices and larger industrial purposes can be served with DG of 8kW to 2500kW.

We also provide DGs for unique venues like Lake Palace, Jagmandir, etc. Our services are not just restricted to renting the generators but we also make sure to provide backup support in case of any unexpected situation. The team of experts remains active for any assistance required on site and we are keenly trying to become the best services for DG on rent in Udaipur.

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GL Electric Works is one of the best companies in Udaipur with an experience of nearly 20 years, currently delivering services for diverse requirements like electric works and installation, light decoration, DG rental, Curing services, light decoration, and dewatering services in Udaipur.

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